NEO HAIR LOTION || How to use Neo Hair Lotion || Baldness Solution 100%😲

In this video, I have tried to show you how to use NEO HAIR LOTION. This works 100% and Guranteed product. Exported From Thailand and Manufacturer is Green Wealth Company 😎


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1. After cleaning the hair and scalp, comb the hair
or massage the scalp for 2-3 minutes to stimulate
blood circulation.
2. Spray Neo Hair Lotion on desired area.Try to
spray as much as possible into the scalp (Men are
recommended to spray about 5-6 times, women are
suggested to spray about 7-8 times, depending on
Hair and scalp condition)
3. Allow to dry without rinsing
4. Use daily 2-3 times a day (morning, evening and
before bed)
5. It is recommended to use baby shampoo of any
6. Avoid using hair styling and coloring products.
Use regularly.

No Side effect
The standard of Neo Hair Lotion. Neo Hair Lotion
has been correctly registered as a hair treatment
with FDA approval and has passed the GMP
(Good Manufacturing Practice) for the criteria for
good methods for producing. Registered number
73-1-5700066 can be assured of the safety of herbal
products, hair growers.

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