MUDDY BODY DETOX CLAY MASK | First Impressions & Demo

I filmed this on 1/23 and edited it on 1/25. As I was editing it, I used it again and OH MY GOD! My pores just keep shrinking. It literally felt like I had just used a strong nose strip and pulled all the nasty gunk out! And my skin was silky smooth!!! As disgusting as it sounds, I tried squeezing my nose after to see if white stuff would come out…NOTHING! I am amazed. Now I get the hype lol


Muddy Body Mask:

Daisy Marquez’s Skin Care Routine (I was introduced to the mask by this video. Her skin thoooo!!) :



Full Face Using NEW Wet N Wild Products:

Ipsy Unboxing January 2017:

Full Face Using Only Opposite Hand Challenge:


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