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What makes High Growth Start-ups everywhere around the world and what we can learn from founders

‘This is the first book ever, to measure high growth innovation around the world. I’ve found new investments that I wouldn’t have even looked at before reading this.’”

— Stephen Bentley, IFA

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 11, 2022 / — The first book ever, to measure high growth innovation around the world.

‘Innovation Of A Nation’ has become a classic manual for how founders can create new high growth start-ups. Published in 2021, it reviewed every high growth startup in the UK over thirty years and captured the stories of intrepid founders in one book. Now in 2022, a new world-wide research book ‘Innovation Goes Global’, brings these lessons up to date and contrasts innovation performance around the world while teaching about three forces that start-ups benefit from to reach high growth.

Innovation Goes Global: Where on earth can you find innovation? (Start-up Innovation)

The author, Peter Arnold, said

‘I have learnt so much from all the thousands of wonderful founders that have generously provided their stories (painful and great), and I was excited to learn what they all have in common despite coming from so many different areas of the world. This has been a great way to see what the strongest trends are and what they reveal about innovation and investment in our future. If you plan to innovate, this book can help to provide you with ideas, insights, and how founders think.’

In praise of ‘Innovation Goes Global’

‘Written for charity’ Mark Woodward

‘Written with clarity’ Susan Hobson

‘Great insights on Trends, Distribution, and Talent’ Guarav Agarwal

‘Personal tips from thousands of high growth startups and founders’ David Houldridge

‘Great insights and lessons for founders and investors’ Mark Wickham

‘Immense effort’ Martin Lewis

‘The pulse of innovation around the world’ Vivek Unnikrishnan


Both books are available from Amazon around the world.

Innovation of a Nation

Innovation Goes Global

They are sold with all proceeds going to support refugees.

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