For JetBlue and Spirit, weekend difficulties continued on Monday: Travel Weekly


Spirit Airlines and JetBlue continued canceling an unusually high number of flights on Monday, while other U.S. airlines appeared to be righting their operations after major struggles over the weekend. 

According to FlightAware, Spirit had cancelled 235 flights, amounting to 29% of its Monday schedule, as of 1:30 p.m. Eastern time. JetBlue had cancelled 138 flights, amounting to 13% of its Monday schedule. 

Those figures, though high, are an improvement from the operational problems that beset each carrier from Friday through Sunday. Spirit canceled 15% of its flights Friday, 30% on Saturday and 40% on Sunday, according to FlightAware.

JetBlue cancelled 8% of flights Friday, 17% Saturday and 35% Sunday. 

Overall, U.S. airlines canceled more than 4,400 flights from Friday through Sunday, or 6% of all scheduled operations. Carriers blamed weekend storms in Florida as a major cause of the cascading network problems. 

Allegiant, Alaska, American, Southwest and Frontier, each of which canceled at least 9% of their mainline flights on Sunday, have improved their performances Monday. Among those carriers, only Alaska canceled more than 2% of scheduled flights as of 1:30 p.m. Alaska had canceled 39 flights, 5% of its Monday schedule. 


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