Capital A’s Fernandez on Air Travel’s Brighter Future at CNBC Evolve Global Summit 2022

Capital A, previously known as the AirAsia Group, is looking to rebound from the pandemic travel slowdown in dramatic fashion as the Malaysian low-cost travel group looks to debut on the New York Stock Exchange next year. The company’s CEO, Tony Fernandez, is not shy in his enthusiasm for the promise of technology in ensuring low-cost fares remain available to as many consumers as possible and the rosier future he sees ahead as more countries come back online after shutdowns. We’ll sit down with Fernandez to talk about these things well as leading through one of the most challenging times of his career, and why he remains so bullish on the future of travel.

Tony Fernandes, Capital A CEO
Interviewer: Dan Murphy, CNBC Correspondent

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This news story originally appeared at Travel News - on23 October 2022