Top cybersecurity breaches of 2021 | Cyber Work Podcast

Infosec’s Principal Security Researcher, instructor and cybersecurity renaissance man Keatron Evans returns to the show for the first in a series of once-quarterly episodes breaking down big stories in the news and cybersecurity trends for the future! We talk Solarwinds, Colonial Access Pipeline, Oldsmar, Keatron’s origin story and why, just like practicing your scales makes you a better musician, master pentesters and security pros got where they did by mastering the art of repetition in learning.

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0:00 – Intro
2:30 – How did you get into cybersecurity?
4:00 – What skills did you have early on?
6:10 – First interaction with Infosec
10:34 – Work as a principal security researcher
13:20 – Machine learning in cybersecurity
14:14 – Infosec classes
17:28 – Equity in cybersecurity
20:25 – You don’t need a technical background
21:36 – Major security breaches of 2021
22:15 – SolarWinds breach
24:56 – What job roles help stop these breaches?
27:50 – Water treatment plant breach
31:42 – Infrastructure security
34:30 – President Biden and cybersecurity
39:22 – Supply chain security
43:20 – Security trends for 2022
49:00 – Projects to keep an eye on
50:52 – Learn more about Evans
51:44 – Outro

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