Security awareness: How to influence others and change behavior | Cyber Work Podcast

Bruce Hallas has a lot to say about security awareness and the fostering of security culture throughout an organization. His podcast, “Rethinking the Human Factor,” is now also a book, and he recently spoke at our Infosec Inspire Cyber Skills Virtual Summit. On today’s episode, Bruce talks about changing behaviors rather than setting rules, new ways to think about security awareness, and different industry and job search tips, particularly for those who want to get involved with cybersecurity in a totally non-technical capacity.

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Bruce Hallas is an enthusiastic advocate, consultant, trainer and speaker in the field of information security awareness, behavior and culture. He has worked over 20 years as an information security manager, practice manager and consultant to lead and support positive change that helps organizations manage risk. As creator of the SABC (Security Awareness, Behavior & Culture) Framework, Bruce advocates the role of the human factor in information security through speaking engagements and his “Re-thinking the Human Factor” podcast and book.

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