Law Firms Taking Steps to Safeguard Company Data

Large law firms have taken “great steps” to prevent beaches that could divulge their corporate clients’ sensitive data but mid-size, smaller firms and international firms with no U.S. presence have more work to do, Tania Daniels, the head of global legal operations for The Walt Disney Company, told Bloomberg Law.

“It’s not just the few firms that made the front page of the Wall Street Journal that have caught everyone’s attention,” Daniels said June 12 during the Association of Corporate Counsel legal operations conference in Chicago. “People are more aware now of the type of data that they’re sharing with outside counsel, the sensitivity and criticality of it, and what the impact would be should another law firm suffer a breach.”

Daniels said the results of data security reviews of outside law firms Disney uses are shared with attorneys at the company. “If firms are not willing to take steps to remediate gaps that we found, we want to make them aware of that before they continue to hire those firms,” Daniels said.