Cybersecurity Awareness Training Presentation (2021.08)

This free cybersecurity awareness training slide deck is meant to be used by organizations and end users to help them better understand ways they can avoid scams, cyber attacks, and become more security aware. This slide deck is based on version 2021.08 of our wildly popular slide deck we originally released as open-source in September 2019. In just over 6 months, version 1.0 was downloaded thousands of times and in over 150 countries!
On our website, you will also find several other related goodies. For example, we have free and downloadable worksheets referenced in the training. These worksheets provide material that attendees can take back home with them to try out and continue the security conversation. We also have free cybersecurity quizzes that are based directly off of this material so anyone can test their awareness knowledge. We even have a downloadable ‘certificate of completion’ for this training, which allows attendees to fill-in their name and date so they can then print it out to show others (or even their employer) that they are now more cyber aware.

Do you want to take this content and present it in your own community or business? Fantastic! You may download this slide deck as editable content. This allows you to make changes and present it at your local library, business events, co-working spaces, schools, etc. The latest version is always available on our website as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation (.pptx) or Google Slides using ‘Make a Copy’. Those downloadable versions from our website also include speaker notes to provide talking points or tips for anyone delivering the content.

This news story originally appeared at IT - Social Gov on17 November 2022