CornCon 2: John Bumgarner “Computers as Weapons of War”

The serendipitous discovery of Stuxnet unveiled the hidden world of cyber weapons, which were being used by the United States for cybertage and espionage operations against other nations. The recent dump by The Shadow Brokers of National Security Agency’s tools confirmed that cyber weapons are actively being developed and deployed.

John Bumgarner, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit

John Bumgarner is a former U.S Marine and U.S. Army Special Operations soldier. During his military career, he conducted a wide range of military and intelligence missions throughout the world. He has received formal training in diverse areas, including computer forensic techniques, intelligence analysis and long-range reconnaissance operations.
In his civilian career, he holds several private sector certifications include CISSP, GIAC (Gold), and duel Masters degrees in Information Systems Management and Security Management.
Bumgarner has regularly served as an expert source and commentator for numerous national and international news organizations, including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Business Week, the Los Angeles Times, Reuters, The Economist, the Indian Times, and The Guardian, as well as numerous specialty and trade publications. He has appeared on NBC, CNN and the BBC, and has been heard on CBC/Radio-Canada, BBC Radio Northern Ireland and Federal News Radio in the United States. He is featured in the International Spy Museum’s “Weapons of Mass Disruption” cyber warfare exhibit in Washington, D.C.

This news story originally appeared at IT - Social Gov on13 November 2022