Amit Elazari – Regulatory Trends in IoT and impact on research community – DEF CON 27 IoT Village

A discussion of the latest in the how the law is coming for the IoT, especially in the realm of whether or not cybersecurity is considered a manufacturing or design defect to allow product liability law to be used to sue manufacturers, installers, retailers, and others associated with IoT devices. If your house burns down due to a hacker, who can be sued.

Amit Elazari Bar On is a Director of Global Cybersecurity Policy at Intel Corporation and a Lecturer at UC Berkeley’s School of Information Master in Information and Cybersecurity. She holds a JSD from UC Berkeley School of Law and graduated summa cum laude three prior degrees. Her research in information security law and policy has appeared in leading technology law journals, presented at conferences such as RSA, Black Hat, USENIX Enigma, USENIX Security, BsidesLV, BsidesSF and DEF CON, and featured at leading news sites such as The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and the New York Times. In 2018, she received a Center for Long Term Cybersecurity grant for her work on private ordering regulating information security, exploring safe harbors for security researchers. She practiced law in Israel.

This news story originally appeared at IT - Social Gov on18 October 2022