What challenges can the world expect in 2022? | DW News

As the Omicron COVID variant spreads like wildfire around the world and tension rise between Russia and Ukraine, DW’s correspondents around the world are looking ahead to the issues for the new year:
00:00 DW Chief International Editor Richard Walker looks at geopolitical tensions around the world
43:00 DW Chief Political Correspondent Michaela Küfner looks at where Germany will place its focus
01:46 DW Correspondent Christine Mhundwa looks at the issues facing the European Union
02:48 China Correspondent Fabian Kretschmer looks at what’s ahead for China
03:50 DW Correspondent Joyce Lee looks at what’s in store for Taiwan
04:55 DW Correspondent Ines Pohl looks at what’s brewing in the USA
06:53 DW Correspondent Fred Movunyi looks at the challenges facing Africa


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This news story originally appeared at Politics Archives - Social Gov on10 July 2022