Congress Candidate Commits to Union Labor for Campaign Promotion

Agoda for Congress Campaign Material

Dr. Komi Agoda-Koussema building a campaign based on actions not empty promises

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK, USA, May 12, 2022 / — Dr. Komi Agoda-Koussema, candidate for New York Congressional District 11 commits to utilizing union labor for his campaign promotion work. The candidate is a strong supporter of fair labor practices and calls to recognize labor rights as human rights.

Dr. Agoda, a long-time educator for 33 years, mentor, immigrant and a family man, understands the difficulties that members of working and immigrant families face in every aspect of society on a daily basis. His campaign aims to bridge this widening gap by building resources and creating access to education, enabling small business support, and strengthening voter rights.

As a member of a working family himself, Dr. Agoda understands the importance of labor rights as a fundamental human right. One of his top campaign priorities is to help grow and develop the economy while protecting working families, who he recognizes always carries the burden of our economy on their shoulders.

Dr. Agoda is currently working with IJ Creative Solutions (d/b/a of IJ Ventures Inc) to help with his campaign’s design, printing, promotion and marketing needs. The firm’s labors are unionized, represented by the Local One-L of the Graphic Communications Conference of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. The firm is also a 100% immigrant, people of color and local community owned and operated business that directly helps labors from local marginalized communities.

“Dr. Agoda is a highly qualified candidate with both the experience and the enthusiasm required in political leadership. Our political leaders continue to make empty promises and then fail to deliver. However, Dr. Agoda is a man of his words. His commitment to utilizing union labor to help in his campaign efforts is already a sign that he will be a fighter for working families everywhere and this is the type of leadership we need in Congress” – Muhammad Rakibul Islam Chief Strategy Officer of IJ Creative Solutions and a union member comments.

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This news story originally appeared at Politics - Social Gov on14 May 2022