Van Lathan: A Jewish Producer Confronted Kanye at TMZ when Ye Said He Loves Hitler (Part 2)

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In this clip, Van Lathan continued to speak about Kanye visiting TMZ, and he addressed Kanye’s sit-down interview with TMZ owner Harvey Levin. When Vlad asked if the interview was a favor for Kanye asking for a comment to be taken out of a TMZ video, Van explained that it was a way of TMZ maintaining a relationship with Kanye. Van then revealed that he never asked Harvey about his reaction to Kanye’s comments, and he added that when Kanye repeated his comments about Nazis, he revealed that he had heard it before. Van added that no one cared to take out the clip about Kanye speaking about slavery, and he revealed that a producer stood up when Kanye offended their Jewish heritage with his comments. Van revealed that Kanye was unfazed by offending the producer, and Vlad went on to speak about various articles coming out about Kanye making similar comments in Adidas meetings. Van added that it would be insane to make up allegations like that, and he went on to speak about people he knows that have interviewed Kanye. He revealed that Kanye’s comments about Virgil Abloh and Drake were taken out of interviews in the past.