TMZ Exposes Amber Heard For Tipping Them Off

TMZ Exposes Amber Heard For Tipping Them Off About Divorce
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former TMZ employee Morgan Tremaine, was called to the stand on the second to last day of the johnny depp vs amber heard trial, and exposed a huge secret about amber heard tipping off the publication. Even admitting she arranged for them to snap photos of her bruised face, lets get into all the details.

Morgan Tremaine, a former field assignment manager with TMZ, said he arranged for photographers to show up at an LA courtroom May 2016, because they were tipped off that amber heard would be filing for divorce from johnny depp that day. It was even arranged that on her way out of the courtroom, amber heard would ‘stop and turn and display her bruise’ when she got her restraining order against Johnny Depp. so paparazzi could get the best shot of her face for the story.

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This news story originally appeared at Celebrities - Trend Magazine on9 July 2022