Jennette McCurdy Exposes Her Mother For A*using Her For Years

Jennette MCcurdy Exposes Her Mother For A*using Her For Years

We’ve all heard about how child stars literally go through hell in the hands of their own parents for the money, and Jennette McCurdy has been a living example! And Jennette is spilling all the shocking details. How did her very own mother ruin her entire childhood? And how is Jennette coping years after the brutal experience? Um, you may need a box of tissues for this one!

In 2020, Jennette launched a one-woman show called I’m Glad My Mom Died, and in the show, she recounted her experiences dealing with her mother’s death from cancer in 2013, and how she didn’t have the emotional tools to deal with the tragedy because of her traumatizing upbringing.

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