What’s Causing Aviation CHAOS in Mexico City?!

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During the last few months there has been several, serious Incidents reported from Mexico City airport.
In May If 2022 an aircraft was cleared to land on a runway already occupied by another aircraft and this was caught on camera by another pilot.
So what is actually going on?
In this video I will give you a full overview on the many reasons that exists behind this chaos. It turns out that its REALLY interesting!

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Final Report:






Intro – 00:36
The Incidents – 02:14
Mexico City Airport – 03:57
Airport Saturation – 05:26
Building Texcoco Airport – 07:28
Project Abandoned – 09:37
Building Airport 2 – 11:00
Challenges – 12:32
Conclusion – 14:14

Originally published at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SlSYzhcU2M

This news story originally appeared at Aviation Archives - Social Gov on10 July 2022