Shockwave Jet Truck Crash at Michigan Airshow Aviation! Scams & More News – TakingOff

(If you like our channel, please Subscribe and watch!) Tragedy struck on July 2 in Battle Creek Michigan when the Shockwave Jet Truck crashed during a stunt, killing the driver Chris Darnell. The 40 year old leaves behind a wife and two kids. Also breaking news shows the left rear tire may have failed.

EAA Airventure is right around the corner. Make sure you read the Notice (NOTAM) if you’re planning on flying in. Also, scammers are conning pilots out of thousands right now– be aware of how the scammers are kicking up their game. And please, don’t use Zelle.

Wings Over Whiteside:

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00:00 Introduction
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01:29 EAA Airventure Info
01:43 Wings Over Whiteside
02:15 Airmaggedon
02:35 Shockwave Jet Truck Crash
05:14 Aviation Scam and How to Not Get Scammed
09:00 Wrap Up