Inside Elon Musk’s 70 Million Massive Private Jet

Inside Elon Musk’s 70 Million Massive Private Jet

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January 7, 2021 was an iconic day for Elon Musk who registered himself as the richest man in the world. A feat he achieved by overtaking Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. That aside, today we look at Musk’s 70-million massive private jet.
Of all the status symbols out there that billionaires could use to flaunt their wealth, owning a private jet may be one of the most lavish choices. Billionaires, such as Richard Branson and Elon Musk, are often known for their crazy purchases. When you can afford to spend 80 million dollars a year on average, you have the luxury of being able to pay millions on items that the average person could never dream of.

Inside Elon Musk’s 70 Million Massive Private Jet

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This news story originally appeared at Aviation - Social Gov on21 August 2022