H3 Dynamics & ARO Launch Model for DBX Drone-in-a-Box

H3 Dynamics and ARO are preparing the scale-up for a new Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) economy, by removing conventional robotics CAPEX purchasing models and transitioning to a bundled single monthly service fee that ties on-demand aerial data services to any hardware installation.

“By taking technology and financial complexity out of the system, our enterprise clients can focus on improving their business outcomes, while we can accelerate the scale-up of our autonomous remote sensing services” said Jarat Ford, GM North America at H3 Dynamics.

In 2022, H3 Dynamics introduced DBX – an industrial drone-agnostic charging station capable of automating operational workflows including navigation, charging, data retrieval and processing—making it ideally suited to customers looking to simplify drone data acquisition in remote locations such as solar farms and other large industrial sites.

Unlike other closed systems, H3 Dynamics created an open solution that is adaptable to rapid upgrades in drone hardware, opens to multiple drone sensor choices, and opens to expert reporting software tools designed to meet specific engineering challenges across diverse industry verticals and use cases. Its global approach has led to numerous partnerships including with Ripper Group – Australia’s largest drone operator, working on coastal safety, wildfire protection, mining and remote solar farm management.

ARO is a nationwide field services company in the US specialized in supporting various robot types, including H3 Dynamics’ DBX Drone-in-a-Box system. Both companies had announced their partnerships during 2022, with a focus on remote installation servicing. This relationship has now evolved to also supporting financing and a transition to OPEX-based models for H3 Dynamics’ clients.

“H3 Dynamics has been a fantastic partner for ARO. Moving them into our RaaS program will really help H3 Dynamics engage new customers. We think this is the perfect solution for H3 Dynamics to really provide the most unique drone-in-a-box solution in the United States,” said Jeff Pittelkow, Managing Director of Robotics at ARO.

Article originally published on uasmagazine.com as H3 Dynamics & ARO Launch Model for DBX Drone-in-a-Box