Embention Authorized to Operate Glider Drones in Germany

Embention Authorized to Operate Glider Drones in Germany

Embention has confirmed that it has become the first Spanish company to obtain the authorization of the LBA (German Aviation Safety Agency) to operate unmanned aircraft in German territory. The LBA‘s authorization is in addition to that granted by the AESA, which is a prerequisite for obtaining permits in the destination country.

The authorization has been granted within the framework of the FALcon project, which is a collaboration of the German Aerospace Center DLR (Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- and Raumfahrt) together with Embention and other entities. The FALcon project is designed to reduce the environmental and economic impact of the aerospace industry through the reuse of launch stages in space operations, using an advanced in-flight capture and towing system to the landing station.

The project demonstrator uses state-of-the-art drones to emulate the behavior expected in the real system. This reusable launcher concept will use a winged first launch stage, which glides down and allows controlled re-entry, returning the rockets safely back to earth. The project is possible thanks to Embention’s extensive experience in the development of unmanned systems and the reliability and versatility of the company’s Veronte UAV autopilot.

The development of the FALcon project follows the strictest safety standards of the aerospace industry, in order to guarantee the reliability of the system and ensure safety of operation.

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This news story originally appeared at Aviation - Social Gov on19 October 2022