The new 1100-hp NEXAT Tractor | Arable Farming in Ukraine + Factory + First Use in Germany | Part 2

Behind the NEXAT is a completely new arable farming system that has only been made possible thanks to the latest technical advancements. The focal point of the system is the 1100-hp NEXAT tractor, which can also be described as a wide-span carrier vehicle with interchangeable bodies. A variety of different tillage, sowing and harvesting attachments can be integrated into the self-propelled tractor. The system facilitates controlled traffic farming. In this two-part video series, we head to Ukraine to introduce you to the NEXAT and its inventors from the Kalverkamp ideas factory. In Part 2, we also showcase its first use in Germany and visit the factory.

Part 1:

Part 2 German:
Part 2 French:


Camera: Jörn Gläser, Georg Meyer, Steffen Asmus
Edit & Research: Tammo Gläser

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This news story originally appeared at Ag/Farm/Forestry - Social Gov on13 October 2022