Simon The Dog, Who’s Plight On Death Row Garnered National Attention And Was Freed, Passes Away

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, February 14, 2023 / — Simon the Dog, a beloved mixed-breed pet, passed away last month at his home. Simon’s story gained national attention after he was seized and placed on “death row” for biting a trespasser on his property in 2017. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Simon’s owner, Dr. David Young (who adopted him in 2011), and local activists, Simon was eventually released and spent his remaining years at home.

Simon’s story captured the hearts of animal lovers around the world and raised awareness about pet advocacy.

“Simon went to doggie heaven quietly last month at his home. He left behind a beautiful legacy and his plight raises a tremendous amount of awareness about pet advocacy,” said Dr. David Young.

Simon’s journey began in 2017, when he was taken from Dr. Young by Guilford Animal Control in Connecticut after biting a trespasser who had entered the property where Simon was housed. Despite being cleared of any medical issues, Simon was scheduled to be euthanized after 18 months in lock-up. However, Dr. Young refused to accept the grim fate and started a relentless legal and PR (hiring New York based Goldman McCormick PR) campaign to save Simon’s life.

The “Save Simon” campaign was launched in 2019 and has since gained over 4,000 followers on Facebook. The page not only highlighted Simon’s story but also gave people an opportunity to directly help animals in need. Simon’s plight raised a tremendous amount of awareness about pet advocacy and animal rights.

“The campaign to get Simon off death row was one of the most fulfilling engagements our agency has ever participated in.” said Goldman McCormick PR Co-Founder Mark Goldman. “Watching how hard David fought for Simon was so inspirational and the public got completely behind him.”

Dr. Young’s tireless efforts paid off, and Simon was eventually released from animal control lock-up. Simon’s story caught the attention of media outlets and animal rights activists around the world, who rallied behind the cause to save him. The right to occupy one’s own property free from intrusion is a fundamental right, and Simon’s story highlighted the importance of this right, especially when it comes to the defense of private property after a crime has been committed against it.

“The plight of Simon sparked a movement which has helped a countless number of animals across the US. Pet rescue groups and owners frequently come to Simon’s page and can access desperately needed assistance.” said Cindy-Lee Vaporis (AKA Coco Ring), a lead activist in the Save Simon campaign.

“Simon’s passing is a sad loss, but his story will live on as a testament to the power of activism, love, and compassion. Simon’s victory was victory for all pet owners.” said Dr. Young.

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