New Zealand’s Agricultural policy without subsidies – impact on farmers, innovation and change

0:00 Introduction
0:34 Subsidy-free agriculture
1:50 Result-oriented policy dialogue
3:04 Challenges
5:15 Conclusion
New Zealand’s agricultural policy differs significantly from European policy. This video shows how the absence of subsidies and a result-oriented policy dialogue supports change and innovation in New Zealand’s agriculture. It also addresses challenges like low farmers confidence due to succession and inability to sell the farm, uncertainties about environmental policy goals, or negative media coverage. Another challenge is the organisation of advice and knowledge transfer which mainly structured around the different sectors. With statements by: Heather Collins, Facilitator and rural social scientist Bruce Thorrold, strategy and investment leader at DairyNZ Mike Collins, Viticulturist at Nautilus Estate of Marlborough

This news story originally appeared at Ag/Farm/Forestry - Social Gov on19 September 2022