Neocision Expands LED Grow Light Portfolio

Neocistion Duo Max 1030

Neocision Elite 750

Neocision grow lights are energy efficient solutions for cultivation facilities in North America

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2022 / — RSX Enterprises, Inc., the exclusive sales and marketing representative for NeocisionTM Grow Lights worldwide, announced the launch of its newest commercial LED lights – the Elite 750 and the Duo Max 1030 – designed to optimize indoor and greenhouse cannabis grow facilites (

Elite 750 – Neocision’s newest high power LED flower light features a 21% blue and 44% red spectra with a peak at 660nm for flowering plants for increased PPF. This unique spectrum mix creates stronger plants with maximized red for increased photosynthesis resulting in quality bud formation and high rates of cannabinoid production levels.

Features include:

• Tested PPF efficacy of 2.88 umol/J and PPF of 2136 umol/s

• Manual dimming knob (100% to 10%, then off)

• RJ 14 ports for plug and play 0-10V control systems

• 6-bar folding design for fast and easy Installation

• Leading 660nm LED count – 180 660nm diodes per fixture

• Industry-leading 7-year limited warranty

• Volt input range 200-277 VAC, 750 input watts +/- 5%

Duo Max 1030 – Neocision’s first top light fixture for greenhouse and indoor grow facilities features excellent heat dissipation with a slim design, delivering a PPF exceeding 2900, more than 1.5 times the output of top quality 1000W double-ended HID greenhouse fixtures. The Duo Max also provides better light distribution and uniformity than single-bar LED greenhouse fixtures with less shade per watt.

Features Include:

• Tested PPF efficacy of 2.87 μmol/J and PPF of 2954 umol/s

• Wide input voltage 120-277 VAC (standard), 277-480 VAC (optional)

• Push & lock plugs at both AC and DC side for fast and easy Installation

• IP 66 Rating for Increased dust and water protection

• Industry-leading 7-year limited warranty

• Custom spectra up to 3600 PPF available

Our new Elite 750 and Duo Max 1030 will be on display at MJBizCon. Please visit us at Sprung Structures Booth 1156.

These new LED grow lights complement Neocision’s existing line of commercial grow LED lights:

Elite 680 – Neocision’s 680W (200-277Vac) full spectrum flower light best for vertical grows, with an optimized blue and red spectrum, resulting in stronger plants and increased yields. PPE 2.85, PPF 1937.

Veg 340 – Neocision’s 340W (200-277Vac) full spectrum 5000k grow light best for multi-racking systems in cannabis vegetative grow rooms. PPE 2.72, PPF 929.

Veg 500 – Neocision’s 500W (200-277Vac) full spectrum 5000k grow light designed for enhanced yield and coverage as compared to 600W metal halide or 630W ceramic metal halide lights. PPE 2.62, PPF 1325.

About RSX Enterprises, Inc.

RSX Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Cultivation Design Build ( is the exclusive sales and marketing representative for NeocisionTM Grow Lights worldwide. RSX’s principals have provided lighting and facility design-build solutions to commercial and craft cannabis growers, with more than one million square feet of indoor cultivation facilities over the past three years. RSX’s service-oriented sales approach includes preparing facility floor plan concepts for existing, new build and retrofit facilities, optimizing operational efficiencies, developing rotation plan to maximize flower harvest and proper rotation from veg to flower, advising on design-build and equipment specifications, managing supply chain and procurement for lighting, bench and rack systems (including air flow systems), HVACD equipment, and extraction and processing equipment. RSX’s value-added proposition: assist cultivators to effectively implement their capital programs, improve time to first harvest, lower operating costs, and increase yields and product consistency.

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