Exposing Global Underreporting Of Methane Gas Emissions

Durwood Zaelke and Alan Miller, Authors of Cut Super Climate Pollutants Now!

How Satellite-Based Methane Detection Can Help The Planet

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, April 21, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The World has seen a consistent increase in planetary methane emissions, but it is only with the recent increase in the use of satellite-based methane detection that environmental agencies and media are now reporting on the true and disturbing numbers that are the reality.

As part of a recent Washington Post investigation, it has been discovered that new satellite technology is exposing the underreporting of countries including the United States, and providing scientists and climate change experts with proper data that can allow for better monitoring and hopefully a reduction in emissions.

One such country at the center of this is Russia, currently, one of the World’s oil and gas leaders, who it has been revealed have been drastically underreporting their figure by more than 50% of their actual emissions which in reality, stand at 8.3 million tons per year.

With countries now coming under greater scrutiny, experts like Durwood Zaelke and Alan Miller, co-authors of the timely and critically acclaimed book Cut Super Climate Pollutants Now!, are commenting on these increased technological watch dogs, that appear to offer hope in the fight to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, and require greater accountability and reporting accuracy.

Ask Mr. Zaelke and Mr. Miller about:

Why is satellite technology the future of fighting methane emissions?

What can be done to hold countries like Russia accountable in the long run?

How can the average American help raise awareness and demand political accountability?

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