Bush fires are a serious risk to communities and the environment

BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, April 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Bushfires are becoming an increasingly bigger risk to homeowners across Australia. However, while the damage they post to life and property cannot be understated, they are also an integral part of the natural environmental landscape, with many plants dependent on them to regenerate. Experienced public safety expert Eddy Andrews has taken a closer examination of the risks they pose and the forecast for 2022.

Research has shown that the 2021 – 2022 bushfire season is expected to have a higher than average risk of fires and damage in a vast majority of areas. One of the primary drivers of the increase is due to substantial grass growth and expected above-average temperatures across the western coast, which can help to fuel the flames and accelerate its speed.

However, while certain areas are at an above-average risk, much of the east coast is actually expected to be at a lower than average risk. This is due to the current forecast of ‘La Nina’ conditions, which will see a higher than normal rainfall, which Eddy Andrews believes will reduce the risk of bushfires throughout the season. The 2020 – 2021 year saw one of the quietest fire seasons in a decade thanks to these same conditions, and Eddy is fully expecting these conditions to continue. Despite these predictions, it is always important to remember that should the forecast rain not materialise, then these eastern coast areas will be at a much higher risk.

Bushfires can be a devastating disaster. As they rip through the area, they can cause loss of life, damage to property and even economic loss. They can also significantly impact supply chains in areas where they have burned across roads and railway lines. This is why we are finding an increasing number of warehouses, factories and other core supply chain businesses being located in larger suburbs to reduce this threat.

Speaking on the findings, Eddy Andrews said, “The bushfire forecast for the 2021 – 2022 season is looking quite encouraging. Although certain areas, particularly those on the west coast, are at a higher than average risk, much of the country is actually at a lower risk than normal. Of course, these forecasts are not guaranteed, and any number of factors could see the risk level change, so it is vital that businesses and homeowners pay attention to their local announcements.”

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