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SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 2, 2022 / — ChiroSolve™, a pioneer company offering unique Chiral Resolution solutions since 2005, is introducing new products and services to help global R&D scientists define “Sustainable and Green Chiral Resolution Processes”.

Chiral compounds are optically active small molecules that contain closely-related components with +ve and -ve rotations. Since more than 50% of drug molecules and many agrochemicals are chiral in nature, “Green Process Development” of these compounds has an immediate and significant benefit for global pollution.

Chiral Resolution using Diastereomeric Crystallization continues to be the default and one of the most robust solutions for the large-scale manufacturing of enantiomerically pure chiral compounds, despite newer technologies being introduced over the years. In fact, because of the sophisticated recycling and solvent recovery advances available today, it is now being recognized as the “GREEN METHODOLOGY” and sustainable solution for Chiral molecule manufacturing.

In 2005, ChiroSolve™ introduced global pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies the power of automation and high-throughput screening to solve the complex and tedious problem of defining a robust Chiral Resolution method through its unique Chiral Screen Kits. The company’s founder and CTO Dr. Niteen Vaidya designed the unique “Screen Kits” that identify commercially viable chiral resolution conditions for both +ve and -ve isomers within 24 hours, that otherwise would have taken scientists 3 or more weeks of tedious and error-prone manual work. One of the most unique features of these kits is that it works on any type of Chiral molecule (acid, base, neutral compounds like alcohols, aldehydes and ketones).

As part of its global outreach efforts, ChiroSolve™ will showcase its powerful products and services promoting green and sustainable product development at the ChemUK Exhibition May 11-12 in Birmingham, UK. Please stop by to discuss your Chiral Resolution needs with ChiroSolve’s CTO Dr. Niteen Vaidya at Booth M48.

ChiroSolve™ is also introducing a NEW service called “Customized Kits development service” where clients can dictate what reagents should be included in their kits and in what amounts per vial.


ChiroSolve™ offers its flagship product “Screen kits” that is made up of many different types of high-throughput 96–vial kits containing commercially available chiral reagents and solvents. There are acid kits for basic compounds, base kits for acidic compounds and strong acid kits for weakly base compounds. The kits can even be used against neutral compounds by bringing the compound to acidic or basic moiety before using the kits. The set of 4 kits together represent 384 different chiral resolution conditions that the compound is screened against in parallel under the exact same reaction conditions, eliminating any possibility of human error.

Scientists can screen their target chiral molecule against these kits by simply adding their chiral compound in each of the vials, heating the full set of kits for a few minutes in a water bath and then setting them aside for 24 hours until the crystals form.

These varieties of kits are offered in multiple medium choices (glass or polypropylene) and are tailor made for scientists at different stages of their research.

The Screen Kits employ ChiroSolve’s unique approach to comprehensively screen the target compound against most commercially viable separation conditions, offering the results within 24 hours or less. The plates can withstand extreme heat and cold, allowing full reaction execution within the kits. They are also fully compatible for robotic manipulations and allow full automation of the screening of hundreds of chiral compounds in parallel during the target identification phase of drug discovery, offering scientists quick access to pure enantiomers for initial studies. Over the years, this proven technology has been used by scientists from most big pharma companies around the world.

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