Sheila Dedenbach of Heavenly Sweet to be Featured on Close Up Radio

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 3, 2022 / — As the disturbing opioid and prescription related drug overdose fatalities continue to tragically surge, the use of medical cannabis is dramatically increasing. Studies consistently show that the use of cannabis, a magnificent healing plant, has tremendous benefits in reducing the symptoms related to chronic and devastating diseases. Imagine consuming cannabis infused edibles, like chocolate, candy, and pizza that actually heal your aches and pains without having to smoke or vape. Until recently, these cannabis edibles were grainy, bitter, and dosed inaccurately but thanks to the creation of one particular innovator, edibles infused with cannabinoids are more widely available and yes, totally delicious.

Sheila is the Founder and CEO of Heavenly Sweet, award-winning edibles sold in over 600 retailers throughout California and Founder and President of SD Pantry Inc, manufacturer and full distributor of various cannabis product brands.

“Our products are beautiful and delicious,” says Sheila. “When I started Heavenly Sweet my goal was to create all-natural, delicious products that people love to eat, while maintaining quality and high standards. Even today, I treat every package as if it has my personal name on it. My staff is very mindful and conscientious of the consumer. We make sure each product feels like its quality and content exceed its price-point.”

In fact, when Sheila started Heavenly Sweet there were no industry standards for dosing medical Cannabis edibles. Today, every product we create is precisely dosed and lab tested for clarity, consistency, and potency. Our goal is customer satisfaction with every product we make; from our Cookies and Cream Treats, to our Fast-acting Juicy Berry Gummies, to our gourmet Caramel Corn Munchies. They are not only the most delectable cannabis-infused edibles on the market, but they are reliably dosed so the consumer may expect a consistent effect.

In their 9000 square foot manufacturing facility, love goes into every package of their hand crafted products with Sheila having a direct say in their development. In 2010, Heavenly Sweet became the first edibles company in California to begin lab testing their products, the first to put full nutrition panels on their products and they developed a dosing schedule more than a decade before it was mandated by the state of California. Heavenly Sweet has been at the forefront of California’s responsible cannabis-infused edibles wave.

“We have always offered products with integrity,” states Ms. Dedenbach.

“I have the oldest continuously-operated edible cannabis company in the state of California. Our products are tested for safety, potency, and consistency. Each product is crafted by an experienced staff in a Department of Cannabis Control (DCC)-certified commercial cannabis kitchen and we proudly make something for everyone.”

Heavenly Sweet cannabis-infused edibles are created with her own flagship product, cannabutter. It is made from refined distillate derived from sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis. It has no herbaceous flavor or odor, so it blends into whatever food is you create.

SD Pantry Inc, the manufacturer of Heavenly Sweet is perpetually in product development. They also manufacture (private label) products for other cannabis brands. To maintain uniqueness for each brand, when they manufacture products for one brand, those formulations will not be used on another brand.

“This is the future of the California cannabis industry,” claims Sheila.

Offering a full-production service from conception to market is what her corporation does.

“We make it possible for anyone to create their own brand without the hassle and expense of licensing a manufacturing facility in California.”

“Cannabis has tremendous medicinal properties from treating chronic pain, relief for achy joints, depression, anxiety, drug addiction, Crohn’s, and cancer. Cannabis has a plethora of medicinal properties containing analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties and in our edibles we create the tastiest most potent products without skimping on ingredients.”

Sheila says now that we have a better understanding of the healing power of cannabis, it is used to reduce alcohol consumption and opioids.

“No one has ever died from an over dose of cannabis, so we are making tremendous strides in saving lives through the responsible use of cannabis.”

Cannibis edibles are the healthiest option for those seeking relief from pain and suffering and he the benefits are undeniable. With the active ingredients THC, it absorbs through your bloodstream for the best possible experience.

Sheila states, “Once you taste our products, you will keep on coming back for more. They are truly delicious and effective.”

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