Who Died: May 2022, Week 4 | News & Reactions

Deaths in the News and Reactions is a weekly video series from Legacy.com covering recent national news obituaries we’ve published.

May 2022 Week 4 (2022 Episode 21)
This video features “ER” actor John Aylward, “Goodfellas” and “Field of Dreams” star Ray Liotta, Oscar-winning composer Vangelis, “Star Wars” Death Star designer Colin Cantwell, Hawaiian Tropic founder Ron Rice, baseball writer Roger Angell, “Survivor: Thailand” runner-up Clay Jordan, Vlasic Pickles executive Robert Vlasic, Irish travel writer Dervla Murphy, “Guiding Light” actress Lee Lawson, Yes drummer Alan White, and Depeche Mode keyboardist Andy Fletcher.

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John Aylward https://legcy.co/3NEL86w
Ray Liotta https://legcy.co/3NB8KsD
Vangelis https://legcy.co/3wO5dlg
Colin Cantwell https://legcy.co/3wOUGF3
Ron Rice https://legcy.co/3LKJEWY
Roger Angell https://legcy.co/3PK3RPT
Clay Jordan https://legcy.co/3wOplCE
Robert Vlasic https://legcy.co/3MWlPgm
Dervla Murphy https://legcy.co/3t0rzgT
Lee Lawson https://legcy.co/3yX7bkJ
Alan White https://legcy.co/3aqBiXA
Andy Fletcher https://legcy.co/3lOGreq

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