Trading Fx VPS & Ryborg’s Community-Building Initiatives Enter the Bunker this May


Ryborg’s Bunker offerings are designed to create a win-win situation for all stakeholders – communicate, collaborate, learn, and grow with VPS specialists

SINGAPORE, May 27, 2022 / — Trading FX VPS, a well-known managed dedicated forex VPS hosting platform for beginners & experienced traders, announced today the release of its first NFT collection, Ryborgs, later this month, on May 31st, 2022. The collection of 10,000 distinct NFTs intends to present the industry with a roadmap for others to follow on how to deliver value utilizing NFT technology by providing access, community, & real-world value found in the digitally-smart contracts.

This strategy is based on the idea of creating access & serving the RBB community. By introducing “utility” & “long-term value” to its NFT holders rather than just merely selling art, each NFT will have a smart contract tied to each purchase, providing holders “utility” via metadata.

Trading FX VPS CEO, Ace Zhuo, has spent the previous several years dealing with tens of thous&s of people; & Ryborgs will enable a structure to be built around these relationships. The NFT will grant the community unrestricted access to attend & connect with potential participants in Ryborg’s digital environment, the bunker.

Ryborg is more than simply a work of art. You are obtaining access to a bunker full of perks & services happening in the digital & physical worlds. These special benefits will grow with time. These Ryborgs serve as your direct digital identity & identify your position in the bunker.

1. RBB is a collection of 10,000 Ryborg NFTs.

2. Every Ryborg is original & is derived programmatically from over 250 hand-drawn traits and characteristics with various features ranging from appearance, outfit, skins, and many more.

3. All Ryborg are one-of-a-kind, but only a few have incredibly rare traits.

4. Only Ryborg has access to THE BUNKER’s blueprint.

5. A fair distribution queue mechanism with a fair launch system.

The bunker is run by and for the people, where art, information, and Internet may freely trade over the open Internet. The company intends to build strong, coherent communities that move and behave as a group. As a result, members are impregnable and capable of conquering a new planet, the blockchain ecosystem, together.

Once the presale window is concluded, the Ryborg team will begin creating The Bunker. It offers a comprehensive range of products and services in both the physical and digital worlds.

1. Bunker Cafes;

2. Bunker Royalty Giveback Campaign;

3. Dedicated Server;

4. Financial Metaverse;

5. Private Events;

6. Ryborg Merchandise;

7. Signals Service (Stocks, Forex, Crypto, NFT);

8. VPS.

Similarly, the bunker will concentrate on competition, innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, ideas, marketing, business, and, of course, fun.

The goal of Trading FX VPS is to provide the finest experience for the community by providing unprecedented access and information to all Ryborgs NFT holders in attendance.

“I have been passionate about developing companies and maximizing the value for my people – this NFT initiative lets me accomplish both,” remarked Ace Zhuo, the CEO and Creator of Ryborgs. When I noticed this macro-human phenomenon, I realized that the only opportunity I could leverage to help people understand our community-building objectives is by becoming a part of it. I think that NFTs will be around for the remainder of my life, and I plan to proactively advise, invest, and consult in this arena, and I wish to do it from the ground up. I’ve always wanted to be a master of the trade I believe in.”

Ryborgs was founded on the premise that doing business with the community can be enjoyable, and that you can establish a network around shared interests. All of the characters were created from scratch and hand-drawn. The characters in the NFTs collection embody human attributes that Ace Zhuo, admires and that the firm, Trading FX VPS, feels will lead to success and happiness.

The RBB Collectibles Effect

• Annual Sweepstakes Prizes of up to $225K sponsored by TradingFXVPS

• Existing Utility (Discount) for all products and services from TradingFXVPS

• Dine-in with Bunker Café and immerse yourself in the NFT dining experience

• Exclusive invite to join private events such as Live Drawing Event with our Artist: A.T

• Be part of the team to build the world’s biggest Financial Metaverse EXPO hub for traders

• Be part of the community to build and manage the Royalty Campaign and earn yourself 80% of the profit-sharing from it.

• Priority to NFT whitelist partnerships

• More details to be released post-mint

Ace Zhuo and Ryborgs will donate a share of the proceeds from NFT revenues to different charities supported by Trading FX VPS. Furthermore, Ace Zhuo has exhibited an interest in generating one-of-a-kind NFTs featuring exclusive traits, & characteristics, demonstrating a sense of rarity to collectors across the globe. Ryborgs is created to allow the community to benefit from Ace Zhuo and his extensive network of NFT specialists creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Being a community-centric NFT, Ryborg is operating as a product trading and investment organization that pledges enriched values and modernized upgrades to its holders. The active management of royalties, coverage of unfailing trading solutions, and alpha call signals further the value-added services Ryborg offers to its holders.

The primary objective of Ryborg is to deliver an efficient and demonstrated methodology to expand its royalties warranting that NFT holders enjoy optimal returns. It is not just the holders the creators are concerned about – Ryborgs is also contributing efforts to mitigate the environmental effect by offsetting harmful carbon emission – the company intends to leverage renewable energy to create NFTs that are environment-friendly.

About Trading FX VPS

Trading FX VPS offers various VPS hosting platforms for any trading need creating a robust digital infrastructure that makes high-speed worldwide VPS & high-response rate servers.

About Ryborgs

Ryborg is an extraordinary art-piece offering holders with the ability to gain membership access to a bunker full of benefits & offerings happening in the real & digital world. Ryborg is the direct digital identification prospect for holders & represents each holder’s status in the bunker.

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