ASMR SUPER Realistic Hair Cut , Shampoo , Hair blower – Roleplay for Sleep

Hello darling! In this asmr roleplay video, i will be giving you an amazing asmr hair cut , shampoo and scalp treatment, which will make sure that you will …


скрабер ультразвуковой


  1. The only ASMR that actually seems natural. I love it that you don't smack your lips and don't obsessively tap on every item that gets into your hands (like all the other ASMR creators do nowadays, which is so unnatural that it borders on grotesque).
    And because it's natural, it's effective.

  2. You REALLY have TALENT!! you are the BEST ASMRartist!!!!! YOU make my nights so much better!! Don't stop for anything!! Because are you who make a lot of nights better in the world!!! and if you stop a lot of nights stop too!! so NEVER give up PLEASE!! WE NEED YOU!! WE LOVE YOU GIRL!!!! YOU GOT SO MUCH SUCCESS!!!! WHO BELIEVE IN SHE GUYS??? MEEEE💕💕💕💕💕🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐✅👏👏💆‍♀️💆‍♀️😴😴😘😘😘💜💜💜
    ( I'm from Brazil n sorry some wrong I'm learning English ☺️✌😉😘😘💕👏💜💜) LIKE FOR WHO BELIEVE IN SHE!! (MEE)

  3. Not every hair dryer asmr sounds this real, but with this video, I swear I kept looking over my shoulders to see if there was a hair dryer blowing in my ear. . . . these headfones sometimes have a puff of air that blow thru also

  4. Years ago, when I discovered ASMR videos these roleplays were my favorite, especially the hair washing. This video enabled me to reexperience those tingly sensations, and I have watched the shampoo part so many times and each time with undiminished tingles! I also greatly appreciate the realistic camera angle. As I have remarked previously, the way you rub the shampoo (or the aqua gel! Yes, that one!) between your hands is quite unparalleled in terms of sound and movements! I find it extremely relaxing and tingly. So a thousand thanks, Valentina!

  5. I really enjoyed watching the video !❤️ But i have a question how did u avoid spraying water on the camera even tho the hair was too close to it 😭?

  6. Asmr never did or does anything to me, I get the concept, and how the tingles should feel.

    But this was great, regardless. Weirdly satisfying and relaxing, even if I don't get those tingles.

  7. Almost 3.5 mins of hair dryer is probably a record for ASMR videos! THANK YOU! Most only do about a min and that’s so irritating because it’s such a good trigger especially when it’s shaken near the mic. I’d love it if your next hair video had 2-3x the dry time and included the sides and back of the head 🙂

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